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Sorry I’ve been awful about updating my Tumblr (how do you even pronounce that? Tum blor? Tum blir? Why no e? Was taken? I don’t get it, internet).

I did check into my Tumblr and the people I follow are all rad and it was fun reading what they had to talk about. A lot of this Dr Who stuff, and something about cos playing or something. I’m not sure. Seems fun.

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about the WWE for a quick second before updating my gifs.

I love wrestling. I really do. The WWE has not been my favorite thing about wrestling for a long time, but that’s okay. The WWE is in a weird place right now: it is featuring people I legitimately love, but they aren’t using them half as well as I would like. Damien Sandow, Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Antonio Cesaro, Heath Slater, THE RYBACK, Sheamus, and lots of others are just great. I know I’ve said this before, but I don’t think there’s ever been a time the WWE has had such a great collection of wrestlers. There are tons of guys I want to see in the ring, and who have a lot of personality and charisma. 

Despite all that, I’m just not super excited by what’s going on. There’s always the shadow of Triple H, and CM Punk has just become insufferable. I swear, I’ve never seen someone talk about how they don’t care what people think about him with such concern for how people will respond. It’s pretty awful, and the guy just isn’t as good in the ring as he and others think.

But, it’s all good. I watch for the moments that are great, basically anything involving the guys I listed above, and constantly hope Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose will debut and just form a super stable with THE RYBACK and Cesaro.

Anyway, here are some gifs from the last few months. Sorry for the delay.

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WWE Raw July 30 Gifs

Well, Raw happened.

It’s actually making me unsure about how I feel.

Good: WWE Raw is now the Daniel Bryan show. 

Bad: Recaps to recaps in my recaps. Of things I hated when they happened live. Yes, I’m talking about Triple H.

Good: I guess Punk is coming back around? Maybe?

Bad: Punk is telling us he’s doing a heel turn so it’s feel shallow and toothless so far. I hope it gets better.

Good: Hey, two matches I actually wanted to watch!

Bad: Everyone only talks about how The Rock isn’t there. Where is The Rock? What’s he cookin’?

But, yeah, 3 hours.

Here you guys go!

Be sure to look out for Brandon Stroud’s list of his favorite gifs for July on With Leather soon. It should be a real good read! And check out his Best and Worst of Raw column, it makes the WWE 10 times more watchable.

WWE Raw Episode 1000 Gifs

I like wrestling. I don’t like shows about wrestling that don’t have wrestling. 

I get it, wrestling fans are nostalgic by definition. This usually results in awful things, such as people wrestling well past they should, but it is what it is.

I guess I don’t have a ton of nostalgia. Most of the guys I liked as a kid I now realize were pretty bad, but I’m thankful they were there because they were meant for a child to appreciate. 

I also very firmly believe that the WWE has the best collection of wrestlers I actually want to see in the ring now. Seriously: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Tyson Kidd, Hunico, Rey Mysterio, and lots of other guys are just the best. They’re all great wrestlers who can put on great matches and there is no other period where the WWE had a roster as awesome in the ring as they do now.

What do they do with that roster? Nothing. It’s kind of sad.

Well, anyway, here are my gifs.


WWE Raw July 16 Gifs and Screen Caps

Crap, sorry guys! I forgot to upload these to Tumblr (WTF is a Tumblr and why am I almost 30 years old and have one?)

So, here you go. Pretty good, Raw, too! 

WWE Money in the Bank Gifs and Screen Caps

Well, Money in the Bank happened. The Smackdown ladder match was rad, the rest not so much. Here’s Danny Boy Downes right up on With Leather!

Wrestling Gif Catch Up

Sorry for slacking, here’s the last few weeks of gifs that were worth sharing. After this I’ll have things from MitB posted as well.

A lot of these were seen on Brandon’s Best June Gifs post. It’s funny and hilarious and if you’re reading me but not him you are Doing It Wrong.

WWE Raw July 2

WWE Raw July 9 

Random other gifs

Also, here’s this from NXT because NXT is the best show the WWE does and Hunico and Tyson Kidd are both amazing.

Oh, and hey, I forgot to include this and I received lots of comments about how I forgot to include this. So here you go. Ziggle wiggle.

WWE Raw June 25 Gifs and Screen Caps

How many AJ yes-ing gifs can I include? 3.

How many gifs of Dolph wiggling his ass are included? 0.

Sorry, ladies.

Also, be sure to check out Brandon’s Best and Worst of WWE RAW IS AJ for this week. It’s funny and insightful and if you’re not reading him but are reading me instead you are doing it wrong.

Also, guys, if any of you know anyone in WWE let them know that it is a crime that I can not watch NXT. Last week’s episode (ya know, the new season episode) was ridiculously good and I want to keep up with it. My keeping up with it results in my buying Bray Wyatt shirts and going to see it live when I’m in Florida next year. So, please, put it up online because NXT and FCW are the best things WWE does right now. 

WWE Raw June 18 Gifs

Sorry for the delay guys, but here are Monday’s gifs and screen caps!

WWE No Way Out Screen Caps and Gifs

I actually meant to write a full length review of this for my web log, but I really don’t have a lot to say.

I liked a lot of the matches. Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, especially, had a great match but Christian v Cody Rhodes was really fun as well. 

So, yeah, the matches were all really good. I just hated the way every single match ended.

As always be sure to send me a Twitter Tweet on if you have any gifs or screen caps you wish to request. Also, be sure to check out the always brilliant Brandon Stroud’s review of No Way Out before Rob Liefeld runs him and I over in a car at Trios this year.

WWE Raw June 4 Gifs and Screen Caps

I hated the way this episode ended. Hated hated hated. It was the worst and if any of you enjoyed it please never look at my Tumblr ever again. 

John Cena is supposed to be the good guy. Sure, Michael Cole can be a dick (although he’s been really OK the last few months), but he’s not a wrestler and there are a million other ways to deal with someone like that than by bullying them.

Yes, anyone that knew me a few years ago would call me a hypocrite because I used to be a pretty awful dude. I grew up. I learned how to have empathy and care about my fellow human being. Instead of saying every cruel and hurtful thing that came to my mind in an attempt to be funny or cool I decided to instead be a human being. I wish the WWE would do the same and give my 8 year old nephew an actual hero who is worth emulating because right now they have none.

Anyway, here are the gifs and screen caps. I liked this episode a lot more on my second watch to get these.